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Is your roof too old to restore? Do you prefer the look of a metal roof? Are you building/renovating, whatever the reasons Rooftech specialises in iron roof replacement using only the best Australian Blue Scope Colorbond Steel.


At Rooftech our aim is for quality in both product and service, so if you're looking for a Metal Roof Replacement contact us at Rooftech Roofing

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Call us today to get your free roof inspection and consultation and to view our large range of options, colours and styles.


Available options:
• Old galvanised iron re‐ roofed to Colorbond.
• Asbestos re‐ roofed to Colorbond.
• Cement or Terracotta tile Roofing converted to Colorbond
• Cement or Terracotta Re ‐ Roofing.


Visit Colorbond's Colour changing selections for available colors:

LINK: Colorbond's Colour Selection Brochures






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